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the beauty of aroma...

Our ART is to create aromas that

distinguish the natural beauty of life!

Our ART is a promotion of YOUR spiritual, intellectual, & physical state of health leading to balance through quality aromatized products & services that are economical, practical, & universal. 

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SALE on our assorted package, 5 aromas for $30!!! These assorted aromas are ideal for having the best scents at any event. As soon as you walk on the scene heads will turn due to these aromas playfully enticing, elegant and celebrity appeal compositions. Order before 12/31/13.

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SALE on our distinguished gentleman package, 5 aromas for $30!!! These aromas are ideal for your next business meeting, hanging out at the holiday party, or a night on the town. Order before 12/31/13.

justice potions: spice blend (1),

egyptian musk: musk blend (1),

frank & myrrh: spice blend (1),

patchouli: spice blend (1), 

pursuit of bliss: fresh blend (1)



I am launching my 3rd organic fragrant oil "FIRST LADY" By MSDENISHIA in Honor of MICHELLE OBAMA... this is for the Sensual And Sophisticated Women Who Desires To Have It ALL!

"I was hands on with the project including choosing frangrant names, design and color of packaging as well as desired ingredients in all fragrant oils By MSDENISHIA. The finished product was created by AROMART a SCENTS PARADISE Brand."



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Winter Sale...

FREE Bottle of select Aroma & 3 packs of select Incense fragrance with a T-SHIRT Purchase! 

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48 packs (20 sticks per pack) of INCENSE = $45.00